Storage Calculator   V1.9

Set Bitrate on Camera to:

Global Bitrate
Storage Required
  16GB    32GB    64GB    128GB

Refer to the Calculator tutorial on help using the Calculator

Note 1: The recommended bitrate value to set the camera to, is based on a value that would produce the best picture quality

Note 2: Figures are approximate values. Calculations are based on systems recording continuously using the H.264H codec at a fixed bitrate.
            Higher retention periods can be acheived by setting the device to VBR (variable bitrate) with a ceiling or if the device supports it, change the CODEC to H.265 or H.264+

Note 3: Fisheye cameras calculations are based on recording the single 'round' fisheye stream, if recording additional dewarp streams, you should consider each stream as a             seperate camera when using this calculator. Resolutions of dewarped streams are typically lower then the main 'fisheye' stream. (consult User manual for more info).

Note 4: Certain combinations of resolution and bitrate will not be valid (cannot be applied) to some devices.

Note 5: On some devices, setting the bitrate type to VBR instead of CBR may produce poorer image quality. Click the Reset button after each calculation to avoid erroneous results